Friday, 21 October 2016

The Thief

I thought I’d lost my mind.  There was someone stealing from my favourite shop in the whole town “Rusky’s shop.” I said toughly to the man “Hey stop your stealing.” When he turned around I saw a bunch of bags in his arms that looked pretty heavy. He thought I was a police officer but I wasn’t I was just a normal human being. He took off straight away when he saw me and I chased after him.

While he was running I ran as fast as I could but there was no use It looked like I was just sprinting or jogging. I said to him “You know you’re going to get arrested right.” suddenly he dropped something and it was…. Money. I was so terrified and angry at the same time because I wasn’t to sure for what he would do to me. I started to run again but this time I was faster. He looked back at me to see if I was gone and (BANG!!!) He bumped into a huge pole and he was unconscious. When I took the bags of money I ran but only half way because I felt sorry for the man and that he was hurt badly.

So I walked up to him nervously hoping he wouldn’t wake up. I ran quickly to give the money back to Rusky and he said “Thank you Thank you so much I don’t know how to repay you.” I replied back “It’s alright don’t worry about anything I got this.” I ran back to the man and I carried him to my house then put him on my couch. As he woke up frightened. I told him “Why did you steal the money from the shop for.” “I took the money because I had no where to stay and I was hungry for food.

I said “why couldn’t you ask me well I am a nice person?” I told him “Did you know that was my favourite shop that you stole from!” He said sadly “I’m sorry I didn’t realise you liked that shop so much.” “It’s okay but next time just ask” he replied “Okay.” He asked me very slowly “Is it alright if I stay here for the night?” I said “Yeah you can crash here on the couch.” He said “Thank you and thank you for letting me stay here.” “No worries.” I said to the man “Friends?” He said “yep friends.”