Friday, 6 May 2016

Mother's Day

Mothers are special to us because they are the most trustworthy people. Mothers are the best human beings ever cause I notice some fathers want to be a mother because they notice that mothers have the most special role in the family which is taking care of there beautiful children's.

My mum loves to cook different kind of lovely things, she has black short hair and brownish eye’s. Most of the time she spends time with family and friends. She is helpful and kind to anyone, she encourages me to try and be the best I can at school. I love my mum because she is a loveable, is respectful to me. My Mum likes to sing when music comes on, she likes to share her opinion with other people and she also helps me with my homework.


  1. Wow! Courtney
    I enjoyed reading your mothers day writing.This really shows how much you love your mother so much and how much she supports you in your learning.Keep it up!!

  2. i love your post for your mother day good on you.