Friday, 6 May 2016

My Holiday


During the holidays I had to stay home and clean up, it was boring, my annoying little brother was still sleeping. After I finished cleaning up inside my Mum told me to go outside and pick up all the rubbish on the grass and under the bushes, it was hard work.

Then later on I was finished, and I was sweating a lot so I went inside, I had a drink and went and sat down on the couch. I said to myself “ I'm so exhausted”, later on when I just finished saying to myself I am so exhausted my Mum shouted at me “go and sweep the driveway” so I got up again!, got the broom then went straight outside again in the hot, sweaty sun to sweep all the disgusting and smelly leaves on the driveway.

When the driveway was clear I went inside again!!! to sit on the couch. Meanwhile I was just playing on my brother’s net book watching videos on youtube.


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  2. Hello Courtney,

    WOW! I could really see that you were very tired helping your mum doing the chores. I really like the way you used commas and punctuation to make your piece of writing more interesting.
    Keep up the great work Courtney!
    I will really love to see more interesting words in your writing. Keep the good work up Courtney!