Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Weekly Activities/ Day 1/ Bonus

Bonus: Translate the following five basic travel phrases into Spanish, German, Malaysian, Japanese, Arabic or Afrikaans. Use the Google Translate website to do the translations.

Type the English phrase into the box on the left. Choose the language that you want it translated into on the right and then click the blue ‘Translate’ button. It will translate the English word or phrase into another language. Pretty cool ‘eh?!
Good morning = Guten Morgen
Good bye = Auf Wiedersehen
How much does this cost? = Wie Viel Kostet Das
When is the next bus? = Wann Fahrt Der Nachste Bus
Where is the nearest hospital? = Wo Ist Das Nachste Krankenhaus


  1. Hi Courtney
    Those phrases could be very useful in Germany. Especially the last one. Great job.

    1. Hi Daniel and Courtney,

      I completely agree with you, Daniel. This is a set of important phrases that you may need when traveling overseas. It is always good to be able to greet people in another language, to find your way around and to show respect for their culture. I usually learn how to say 'Thank you' and 'Please' in the language of the country that I am visiting as well. What are some other key travel phrases that you might need to learn before heading to Germany, Courtney? Can you think of anything else that we've missed?

      Bye for now,