Monday, 19 December 2016

Weekly Activities/ Day 2/ Activity 1

Day 2:Before you go overseas it will be important that you learn a bit about the capital city of your country. Hop online and find out about the capital city of your country. Use this information to complete the five sentences below
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Activity 1

1. Name of the capital city: Berlin
2. The population of the capital city is: 3.5 million
3. In January, The weather In the capital city is usually: Cold
4. The Capital city is located in the (Northern/ Southern/ Middle) of the country: Northern
5. The languages most commonly spoken in the capital city: Russian, Arabic, Turkish, English and Greek.


  1. Hi Courtney! I'm so pleased that you have chosen Germany!! I am living in Germany at the moment. I don't live in Berlin, but yes.. it is definitely cold in January in Germany! Unfortunately we didn't see any snow for Christmas - just a bit of rain! But there is something about the colder weather making things feel very Christmas-like!
    Berliners also speak German a lot... but I see that you have found out that it is pretty multicultural - so one can hear a lot of different languages on the street! I am learning German myself at the moment - not an easy language, but fun to learn!

    Looking forward to reading more about your travelling journey!


  2. Hi Courtney
    Those facts about Berlin are awesome! 3.5 million is a lot of people in one city. Nice job!

  3. Kia ora Courtney,

    Happy New Year! I hope you have been having a wonderful holiday so far. It looks like you have been keeping really busy on your Summer Learning Journey, which I am so excited to see. It means I have lots of blogging to catch up on which is great news :-)

    Thank you for sharing your fact hunting about Berlin. It sounds like a very multicultural city with all of those different languages. Did you know that in the last 12 months Berlin has taken in tens of thousands refugees from countries nearby who are in trouble? Germany is a beautiful, friendly country that will be a lot of fun to visit for you.

    I'm looking forward to following your progress through your learning journey Courtney. Keep up the great work!