Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Weekly Activities/ Day 3/ Activity 2

Activity 2: Imagine that you have been asked to create your very own airline. What would you call it? Design a simple logo for your airline and post it on your blog. You must include a short explanation of your logo below the picture.

My logo name is P.AP. P.AP stands for Pacific airplane, the flowers represent the amazing flowers in the pacific islands, the water stands for the waves of the ocean and the circle means the sunset.


  1. Hello Courtney
    Nice logo for your company. Great job on explaining why you added the things like the flowers and the sun. Nice job!

  2. Hello Courtney! Wow! This is one of the most unique logos I've seen. I really like it, and I like the how you've considered elements of pacific design, coupled with the water background behind it.

    Your logo has 10 stars, can you tell me what makes P.AP different from other airlines?

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  3. Talofa Courtney,

    I agree with Mark, this is definitely an amazing logo! It is beautifully designed, and really incorporates the strong Pasifika influences with your choice of colours and patterns.

    I like how you have thought carefully about each part of the design, and then described why you have included things like the waves and flowers. It really is a fantastic representation of the Pasifika culture. Will P.A.P fly just around the Pacific Islands, or will they fly all over the world? I think if P.A.P was a worldwide airline, then this could attract visitors from all over the world to these beautiful countries!

    My favourite place I have ever visited would have to be Samoa. I stayed for a week by the Lalomanu beach and had an incredible time. The country is so stunning, and the people were friendly and helpful for our entire trip. I would love to go back with P.A.P one day :-)

    Naku noa,