Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Trip to the cathedral

The Trip to the cathedral

On friday the 1st July  St Pius x catholic school went on a trip to experience St Patrick's Cathedral.

The whole school was getting the opportunity to see the cathedral in town, I was so excited and full of energy.
Once we arrived at the Cathedral we went around to the other side in two lines and crossed our arms to show respect, then we walked through the doors of mercy. We blessed ourselves with the Holy water and we were seated by the priest  and waited for the mass to start.

When the priest came up he said a couple of words then we stood up and sang a song then we were seated again. After the mass we waited for a while then the teachers told us to stand up and take a picture. Then we all sat down and the priest came and talked to us about St Patrick and asking us what he did to help people and how his life had been.

Next we stood up into two lines and sang a song with father larry and while we were singing we were walking and blessing ourselves with the Holy water and went out of the cathedral.

As soon we were outside of the cathedral we went into this place that was next to the cathedral and we all had our lunch there. Last of all we waited for the bus to come and take us back to school, soon or later the bus was here so we all went back into our lines and walked to the bus. When we got back to school some of the classes stayed outside to play and some of the other classes went back inside there class. I had enjoyed my day because I have never been to a cathedral before

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