Monday, 11 July 2016

Weekly Activity (Day 1) Activity 2

Milo of kroton

Activity 2: In the ancient Olympic Games the winner of each event was called the Olympionic. Instead of a gold medal, the winner had a palm leaf placed in their hands and a crown placed on their head to show that they were the winner. Arguably one of the most famous Olympionics was a man named ‘Milo of Kroton.

Fact 1: Milo Kroton was a six time Olympic conqueror and he also won seven crowns at the Pythian Games, ten at the Isthmian Games and nine at the  Nemean Games.

Fact 2: Milo Kroton was a 6th-century BC wrestler.

Fact 3: Milo Kroton's death was when his hand got trapped in the trunk of a tree then he was eatan by devoured wolves.

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  1. Hi Courtney,

    I really like the picture that you have posted of Milo of Kroton on your blog. It really helps the reader to have a better sense of who he was and what he did. It certainly sounds as though he was a very interesting man and an incredibly talented athlete. It's hard to believe that he was able to win so many competitions!

    It is quite sad, however, knowing his strength that he was so tragically killed when a pack of wolves devoured him. Poor man - I wouldn't wish that kind of ending on anyone.

    On a happier note, I am just about to read your next post and I'm already looking forward to it. Keep up the great work!!

    Cheers, Rachel